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What Makes Us Different?

Innovative Solutions, Personalized Approach: Redefining Customer Acquisition in the Digital Age.


Qualified Leads

We provide precisely tailored, high-quality leads, ensuring you engage with prospects who are genuinely interested in your services.


Contact Rates

Our strategic approach increases contact rates, guaranteeing meaningful conversations with potential customers, driving your business forward.


Acquisition Cost

Experience cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, allowing you to acquire valuable leads and expand your customer base efficiently.

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Who We Are

Discover seamless customer acquisition with Consumer Genius™! Specializing in finance, insurance, home services and loans, we provide expert solutions driven by cutting-edge tech and data analytics. Our dedicated team delivers high-quality, customized leads. We don't just stop at information; we connect you with brands at the perfect moment, making choices effortless for businesses. Join us to revolutionize your acquisition journey!

Unlock Unlimited Growth
Seamless Lead Conversion
Tailored Precision, Every Time
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Industries We Serve

Expert Solutions Across Diverse Sectors: From finance to insurance, loans and beyond,
we deliver specialized, high-quality leads tailored to your industry's unique demands.

  • Mortgages

    Streamlined mortgage leads tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless connections with potential homebuyers.

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  • Auto Loans

    Drive your business forward with high-quality auto loan leads, designed for maximum conversion and customer satisfaction.

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  • Personal Loans

    Customized personal loan leads empowering your lending business with precision-targeted prospects and seamless transactions.

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  • Life Insurance

    Connect with families seeking security through exclusive life insurance leads, promoting financial well-being for your clients.

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    Unlock Opportunities in Home Equity - High-Intent Leads for Financial Institutions and Home Equity Providers

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  • Home Services

    Elevate Your Home Services Business with Precision-Lead Solutions

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How Lead
Generation Works

Unlocking Growth: Discover Our Proven Strategies That Convert Potential Leads into
Powerful Sales Opportunities for Your Business.

Advertise, Marketing Leads

We capture valuable, high-intent leads in your industry through targeted marketing efforts.

Connect, Fast Service

Efficiently establish connections with pre-qualified leads, offering swift service to maintain their interest and engagement.

Qualify, Documentation

Thoroughly qualify and document leads, ensuring only the most promising prospects are engaged, streamlining your sales process.

Follow-Up, Quality Service

Provide personalized follow-ups and top-notch service, nurturing leads into satisfied clients, building lasting relationships for your business.

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Success Stories

Discover Inspiring Tales of Triumph from Clients Who Transformed Leads into Profits with Consumer Genius™.


Consumer Genius™ generates great leads for my auto dealership and I have been a happy customer for the last 3 years. Would highly Recommend them to any business looking to accelerate sales and revenue. Great team to work with!

Frankie D.


Unlike other lead providers where the customer service aspect disappears after your invoice is paid, CGI is genuinely interested in being your partner for the long term. When we started with them, they took the time to understand our business flow in order to customize and target their ads for us to maximize conversion ratio.



Love the prompt service. Anyone trying to boost their business with the right leads, please consider these guys. They work so hard to deliver promptly with no excuses. Can't say enough about them. Thanks for everything, guys!


Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Elevate your business potential by partnering with Consumer Genius™
your gateway to tailored leads and transformative growth.

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